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The GMS-725 4 channel mixer/processor module combines a 4 input mixer that has a variable gain control and offset control with a second amplifier with a single input, gain, and offset controls in a single module. Each amplifier's gain can be varied from 0 to +200%. If the control is set below the zero gain point, the signal polarity is inverted. The offset control can add a variable voltage in the range of -5 Volts to +5 Volts to the output. The mixer channel has two outputs, one in-phase and one with inverted phase.

The second processor offers the same control ranges for gain and offset but has only a single input and a single in-phase output. The basic module is equipped with linear taper input gain controls. The -A model has audio taper input gain controls.

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Mixer Section
Inputs 4
Channel Gain Control 100K Linear; -A Version 100K Audio
Output Gain Control Range -200% to +200%
Output Offset Range -5 V to +5 V
Processor Section
Output Gain Control Range -200% to +200%
Output Offset Range -5 V to +5 V
Typical Input Impedance 100K Ohms
Typical Output Impedance 1K Ohms (short circuit protection)
Module Power +15 Volts 25 mA., -15 Volts 25 mA.
Module Size Panel height - 8.75 inches (222 mm); Panel width - 4.25 inches (108 mm); Depth (behind panel) 2.1 inches (53 mm)
Note: Preliminary specifications, subject to change without notice.

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