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    The GMS-714 Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier/Gate contains four high quality VCA devices in a 1MU panel. Each amplifier can be used with an external control input to produce a change in amplifer gain from infinite attenuation to a gain factor of 1. The control curve can be set for a linear or logarithmic response to the input control voltage. Normalization of inputs, reversible attenuators on control inputs, and a built-in output mixer permit various stereo panning tasks to be performed.    
    The module contains four seperate high quality voltage controlled amplifier channels. Each channel has an associated control voltage input that passes through a reversible attenuator. The attenuator allows the control voltage to be prescaled from zero up to twice the applied level. When the attenuator control is positioned to the left of 0, a greater negative voltage on the control input will produce higher gain values approaching a gain of 1 in the associated amplifier channel.

The control voltage response curve is determined by a switch on the attenuator knob. When the knob is in, the response curve has a linear action. When the attenuator knob is pulled out, the response curve has a logarithmic action. This response is similar to the logarithmic taper on a normal volume control.
    Input normalization and an output mixer allow for the use of the module as a mono or stereo voltage-controlled panner. Channel 1 and 3 are mixed and output on the left mixer output. Channel 2 and 4 are mixed and output on the right mixer output if a plug is inserted in the left mixer output. If no plug is inserted there, the right mixer jack provides the outputs of all four channels mixed together.

The channel 1 input is normalled to channel 2 and the channel 3 input is normalled to channel 4. The control input for channel 1 is normalled to the control input of channel 2 and the control input for channel 3 is normalled to the control input of channel 4. By adjusting the control attenuator for channel 1 to a positive value and the control attenuator for channel 2 to a negative value, a signal fed to channel 1 input will be panned between the left and right mixer outputs if a bipolar waveform is fed to the channel 1 control input.

The pan law can be set for constant voltage by leaving the amplifiers set in a linear control response and constant power by setting both to logarithmic response. Two monaural signals may be panned in this fashion or one pair of stereo input signals can be panned to the pair of mixer outputs using one module.
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  Each Channel
  Input Range -5 to +5 Volts - AC or DC
  Output Range -10 to +10 Volts - AC or DC
  Control Range -10 to +10 Volts
  Module Power +15 Volts 25 mA., -15 Volts 25 mA., +5 Volts 1 mA
  Module Size Panel height - 8.75 inches (222 mm); Panel width - 2.125 inches (54 mm); Depth (behind panel) 3.25 inches (83 mm)
  Note: Preliminary specifications, subject to change without notice.


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Quad VC Amplifier

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