• 4 Channel VC Mixer

GMS-715 4 Channel Stereo Mixer

Voltage controlled level, pan and master

This module contains 4 high quality voltage controlled amplifiers feeding four voltage controlled panning circuits, the outputs of which can be assigned to an internal stereo mixer. The outputs of the two mixer channels feed two master voltage controlled amplifiers. Each of the input channels can be set for logarithmic or linear control in response to the input voltage control or front panel gain control. Because of this, either audio or control voltages can be processed or mixed. The pan voltage input has an attenuverter control to set the level or polarity of the pan control signal.

Six illuminated alternating action pushbuttons in each channel control the LOG/LIN mode, channel bus assignment, channel mute, channel solo, and channel cue functions.

Due to delays in receiving parts caused by overseas factory slowdowns, the current shipping time for this unit may take from 2-3 weeks. This situation has been improving recently. Your purchase will not be charged to your payment method until the order is ready for shipment.

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4 Channel VC Mixer

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