• 4 Pole Low Pass Filter for EU

GMS294A 4 Pole Low Pass

Transistor Ladder Filter for Eurorack

A transistor ladder made with vintage transistors gives the same sonic character to the GMS-294A Four Pole Low Pass filter recreation that the original 904A Four Pole Low Pass filter possesses.

 A rotary switch selects the frequency range and a panel fine tune potentiometer allow setting the exact filter frequency. Gain controls are provided for the audio input and the frequency voltage control inputs.

The EU version is housed in a 12 HP (2.4 inch wide by 5.04 inch high) panel with Eurorack compatible power connector.


  Filter topology 4 pole low pass transistor ladder filter. 24dB per octave overall.
  Low Frequency Range 1Hz - 5KHz
  Medium Frequency Range 4Hz - 20KHz
  High Frequency Range 16Hz - 50KHz
  Typical Input Impedance 100K Ohms
  Typical Output Impedance 1K Ohms (short circuit protection)
  Frequency control inputs 2 - input 1 fixed 1V/Octave, input 2 with attenuator
  Module Power +15 Volts 35 mA., -15 Volts 25 mA.
  Module Size Panel height - 5.03 inches (128 mm); Panel width - 2.4 inches (61 mm); Depth (behind panel) 2.1 inches (53 mm)
  Note: Preliminary specifications, subject to change without notice.


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4 Pole Low Pass Filter for EU

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