• Parametric Equalizer

GMS-272MU Parametric Equalizer

Four Bands with Up to 12dB Boost or Cut

The GMS-272MU Parametric Equalizer offers sound shaping ability similar to those found in studio mixing desks. Four channels of equalization spread across the audio band can shape the harmonics of an input to eliminate unwanted mid band harshness, emphasize the warmth of virtual or real sound sources or remove low or high frequency noise. A pair of these equalizers can assist in the mixdown and mastering process.


  Frequency Bands
  Number of Bands 4
  Low Band 3 switch selected frequencies - 30, 50, 120 Hz
  Low Mid Band Continuously Variable - 100 Hz to 8K Hz
  High Mid Band Continuously Variable - 400 Hz to 22K Hz
  High Band 3 switch selected frequencies - 14K, 16K, 20K Hz
  Bandwidth (Q) Control Variable - 3dB to 12dB per Octave on Low, Low Mid and High Mid bands
Switch selected 6dB or 12dB per Octave on High band
  Boost/Cut Controls Continuously variable  -12dB to +12dB
  Low Band Shape Switch selected Peak or Shelf
  Input Impedance 100K Ohms
  Output Impedance 1K Ohms (short circuit protection)
  Module Power +15 Volts 45 mA., -15 Volts 35 mA
  Module Size Panel height - 8.75 inches (222 mm); Panel width - 2.125 inches (54 mm); Depth (behind panel) 2.5 inches (64 mm)
  Note: Preliminary specifications, subject to change without notice.


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Parametric Equalizer

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