• USB Host Extender

The GMS-632x Host Extender module adds USB Host functionality to either the GMS-632 USB/MIDI/CV Interface module or the GMS-634 General Purpose Programmable Interface modules. This module adds the ability to host class compliant USB devices such as sequencers, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and memory devices to the GMS-632 or GMS-634. An internal power source can provide up to 500 mA. on the USB host port to power devices. It can also support externally powered USB hubs.

The module also expands the number of analog inputs by two, each input equipped with a CV attenuator. When the input is not used, a reference voltage is applied to the attenuator so that it can be used as a control input.

The module also adds two additional gate inputs. An internal header provides access to an additional 8 logic level compatible inputs and 8 logic level compatible outputs. +3.3 VDC and +5 VDC are also available on the connector to power external digital logic. Both USB ports may be used simultaneously.

The module's USB host, analog inputs and extended digital I/O are supported by downloadable libraries for the Arduino IDE with Teensyduino add-in. The USB library is accessible from within an Arduino sketch and uses interrupts so the device detect, attach and eject functions continue to operate in the background while user code executes in the foreground.

The 4 HP module (0.8 inches, 20.3 mm) comes in two color schemes and is supplied with a power and an interconnect cable. It is supplied with a short jumper cable that connects it to the host module. The unit is available in black anodized with clear aluminum graphics or clear anodized with black graphics.

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USB Host Extender

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