• Polywav™ MINI

GMS-1350 Polywav™ MINI

Plays 16bit Stereo WAV files from Micro SD Card

The GMS-1350 Polywav™ MINI is a multitrack polyphonic wav file player. The unit can be controlled from USB MIDI or DIN MIDI. Files are played from a microSD card inserted in a slot in the front panel. The stereo wav file playback sample rate is 44.1 KHz with a sample resolution of 16 bits. As many as 4 stereo wav files can play simultaneously with their relative levels controlled by MIDI velocity commands. 

Two operational modes are provided, RUN mode that allows the sample player to perform playback operations and EDIT mode that allows the user the ability to load file banks of related samples and to set other playback parameters that are used during the RUN mode. A 1 inch OLED display, pushbuttons and a data entry encoder serve as the user interface. 

The module output is provided as a stereo left and right channel output. The output level can be set for -10dB for use with an external mixer or +4dB for output to other synthesizer modules that require higher level waveforms.


Technical Specifications

File format
16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo WAV

Polyphonic voices
Up to 4 simultaneous with independent playback level

File playback length
Limited by available storage

Playback trigger inputs

Trigger modes
Play while gate enabled
Play until end of file

Trigger outputs
Trigger jack used to output triggers synched to USB MIDI or DIN MIDI playback events

2 audio outputs, selectable output levels (+4db, -10db)

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Polywav™ MINI

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