• Mini-MIDI USBMIDI to CV/Gate Converter

Complete kit of surface mount and through-hole parts to assemble the Mini-MIDI USBMIDI to CV/Gate converter. This miniature embeddable converter will accept USBMIDI note commands from a host computer connected to the USB 2.0 compatible connector. The note values will be output as a 1V/Octave pitch control voltage, an analog voltage representing key velocity, a gate signal, and a trigger pulse, two 1V/Octave pitch voltages and two gate signals for two note polyphonic, or two notes sent on separate MIDI channels.

When powered from the USB port, the unit will output a voltage range of 0V to slightly less than 5V for a pitch range of 4+ octaves. If powered from an external +-15 V power supply, the card can be set up to provide a 0V to 10V range that will produce a pitch range of 10 octaves.

The parts kit is supplied with a pre-programmed processor chip containing the converter program. An on-board non-volatile memory allows user-entered calibration information to adjust the zero and span of the analog outputs for accurate 1V/Octave scaling. This information will be saved and reloaded during each power up cycle.

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Mini-MIDI USBMIDI to CV/Gate Converter

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