• PM Resonator - 3 Channel Formant Filter

The PM Resonator is a recreation of the formant filter section of a Polymoog™ synthesizer in a standard 5U double-width modular panel. Each of the three filter channels has a control for frequency, signal gain, and emphasis or resonance.

A rotary switch selects the type of filter mode for each of the three channels. The modes are low pass, bandpass, band notch, and high pass.

The MU version is housed in a 2MU (4.25 inch wide by 8.75 inch high) panel with DOTCOM compatible power connector.

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  Low Frequency Range Normal 60Hz - 300Hz:
Extended 180Hz - 900Hz
  Medium Frequency Range Normal 300Hz - 1.5KHz;
Extended 600Hz - 3KHz
  High Frequency Range 1.5KHz - 7.5KHz
  Typical Input Impedance 100K Ohms
  Typical Output Impedance 1K Ohms (short circuit protection)
  Module Power +15 Volts 45 mA., -15 Volts 25 mA., +5 Volts 0 mA.
  Module Size Panel height - 8.75 inches (222 mm); Panel width - 4.25 inches (108 mm); Depth (behind panel) 2.1 inches (53 mm)
  Note: Preliminary specifications, subject to change without notice.


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PM Resonator - 3 Channel Formant Filter

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